Cabarrus County Beekeepers

Bob's Flower and Hive Report

August  2012 Meeting

Hive Report

There is not a lot of nectar coming into the hive at this time, so hives will probably be light (low on honey).  However, signs look good for a fall flow.  Queens should pick up on their laying as the availability of pollen increases.

Mite checks should be under way and treatment applied if there is a need. When using the Sugar Roll Method, the threshold for treatment is five mites from approximately 200 bees. When using a sticky board, the threshold is around 25-30 mites on the board.

The unused Fumagilin the club purchased is available for club members to treat their hives.  When treating Nosema, the Drench Method is recommended.  Drizzle bees with 10 ounces of 1 to 1 syrup (1 part water/1 part sugar)  and 1/8 teaspoon Fumagilin. Mix Fumagilin in water before adding syrup. Drizzle bees using an empty soup can with holes punched in bottom. Repeat in October when the weather is warm.


Flower Report

There is not much in full bloom right now. White clover, vitex, golden rod (both short and tall), knockout roses, bull nettles, ragweed and asters are just beginning to bloom.

  • Golden Rod
    Solidago spp.