Cabarrus County Beekeepers

Bob's Flower and Hive Report

February 2012 Meeting

Hive Report

Queens are laying more and more as the weather warms up. Drones are showing up in the hive already. The temperature inside the hive is increasing. This will cause an increase in the number of bees inside the hive, so be very watchful and do not let the food supply run out. The more bees their are inside, the hive the more food you will need.

Flower Report

  • Dandelion
    Taraxacum officinale
    Not bees’ favorite, but always available.

  • Red Maple
    Acer rubrum
    Red Maple blooms will stagger in opening. Cold weather will not hurt the blooming of the red maples. Its pollen will be a yellowish-grey color.

  • Winter Honeysuckle
    Breath of Spring
    Lonicera fragrantissima

  • Henbit
    Lamium amplexicaule
    Closes up in the evening, so bees work it early in the day.  Incandescent deep purple pollen.
  • Flowering Quince
    Bees work intensely.