Cabarrus County Beekeepers

Bob's Flower and Hive Report

July  2012 Meeting

Hive Report

Hives are hot - lots of "bearding" seen at the front of the hives right now. Local water sources are drying up, and this is causing problems for swimming pools. Pools should be covered when not in use. Also, homeowners can deter bee visits by making a landing board for bees adjacent to their pool, cover it in carpet, and soak with pool water. Very little pollen is coming into the hives. Work bees for the first couple of hours in the morning, and reduce time in the colony for the bees' sake. Keep water with you and stay hydrated while working bees.


Flower Report

Very little is blooming right now. Vitex, mountain mint, and golden rod are starting to bloom, but few bees are working them. Kudzu loves hot weather and will begin blooming (under leaves) through August; it is not a "honey-maker," but it will feed bees. Bees will work soybeans depending on the cultivar, soil type, and temperatures.

  • Golden Rod
    Solidago spp.