Cabarrus County Beekeepers

Bob's Flower and Hive Report

June  2012 Meeting

Hive Report

The honey flow is really slowing down. If there is honey not capped, give the bees more time to take care of this. Check uncapped frames by turning upside down and shaking to see if nectar will shake out. If it does then the honey is not cured. If extracted, uncured nectar will ferment the rest of your honey. While working, remember to stay hydrated. Pay attention to your own health in the heat.


Flower Report

With the heat and humidly, less and less bloom is being found. Ladino clover is still showing up in yards. Sumac, privet (Japanese or large leaf) Vitex, Buckwheat, Bee Balm, Parsley are among things still blooming.

  • Ladino Clover
    Trifolium repens ssp. latum

  • Japanese Privet
    Ligustrum ovalifolium
    Large Leaf Privet