Cabarrus County Beekeepers

Bob's Flower and Hive Report

September  2012 Meeting

Hive Report

Bees are working the fall flow hard.  The queen has picked up her laying.  When working your hives, return frames to the same location. With shorter days comes time to prepare for winter.  The bees are doing this, placing honey and pollen where they need it located.  If you have queen excluders on hives, it is time to get them off.  If honey supers has some honey and are still on the hive, you may want the bees to move the honey down to their brood boxes.  Place an empty honey super or brood box (box without frames) on top of brood boxes and below the honey super. The bees will move the honey down to their boxes within a couple weeks.


When using beetle traps in the hive, use mineral oil instead of vinegar and cooking oil. You can bait the trap with a small piece of pollen patty, placed in the bottom of the trap.  Be sure to clean out the traps periodically.

Flower Report

White clover, false dandelion, aster, rag weed, golden rod (with the tall type being the better one for bees) are in bloom.  The time for planting crimson clover for bees in the spring is now.

  • Golden Rod
    Solidago spp.