Cabarrus County Beekeepers

Bob's Flower and Hive Report

April 2013 Meeting

Hive Report

There’s a lot going on in the hive right now. The bees are showing a purpose now as the honey flow is starting up. The foragers will start flying more as the temperature warms the nectar up. You should put supers on your colonies now. If you plan on making honey, bees can’t fill the up your supers, if they are not on the hive. Stay a super ahead of the bees.

When placing supers on the hive, it is ok to stagger them to give the hive more ventilation. Place one super toward the front of the hive and the next super toward the back. Leave about a ¾ inch gap in the front and back of your supers. This will act as an entrance, as well, cutting down on the turn-around time for the foragers. Keep in mind that these supers need to be realigned straight when the flow is over to prevent robbing.

If catching swarms, you can use the newspaper method of combining. Use this to strengthen a weaker hive, if you do not wish to increase your number of hives.

As the honey flow increases, there should be a slow-down on queen cells found in the hive.

Flower Report

With the honey flow starting, more flowers are begin to bloom. Poplar, Crimson Clover, Bertha Holly, Apple trees (almost finished), white clover, ragged robin, dandelion, wild cherry.


  • Dandelion
    Taraxacum officinale
    Just beginning to bloom.