Cabarrus County Beekeepers

Bob's Flower and Hive Report

January 2013 Meeting

Hive Report

The queen is starting to lay more eggs, since the days are becoming longer. During inspection on a warm day, look for eggs, to make sure you have a queen. You should begin seeing more capped brood.  Grayish pollen from red maple and red pollen from henbit may be observed coming into the hive, as both are blooming.

Flower Report

Dandelion, henbit, winter holly, and red maple are currently in bloom.

  • Dandelion
    Taraxacum officinale
    Just beginning to bloom.

  • Red Maple
    Acer rubrum

  • Henbit
    Lamium amplexicaule
    Closes up in the evening, so bees work it early in the day.  Incandescent deep purple pollen.