Cabarrus County Beekeepers

Bob's Flower and Hive Report

November 2013 Meeting

Hive Report

The bees are in winter mode, so foraging has mostly ceased. On flight days, they are taking water to the hive, which means stored honey is being consumed. Keep an eye on the colonies’ weight as feeding might be needed. Feeding fondant is suggested, as temperatures might not allow bees to access other types of feeders. Place fondant directly over cluster. Fondant directions are available HERE.

Treatment for Nosema is still doable, if the temperature is at least 60 degrees. Put mouse guards in place to keep out mice who might be hunting for a warm place to live. An entrance reducer can be used for this purpose. An increase in yellow jacket activity might be noticed around the hive, as their supply of food is gone also. With colder temperatures, yellow jackets will disappear.

Flower Report

Camellia was the only flower mentioned at our monthly meeting. Nothing else appears to be blooming.