Cabarrus County Beekeepers

Bob's Flower and Hive Report

April 2014 Meeting

Hive Report

Hives should be building up. Honey flow is just getting started. Reversing the hive bodies and/or checker boarding frames can still be done. Be sure the bees have adequate space to build up and to store honey. Stay at least one super ahead of them. When the bees begin working in the top super, then add another one. If you have supers with drawn comb, put them all on. However, when using new foundation, only add one super on at a time. If cutting queen cells, stay on a ten-day cycle. You can also offset supers to create additional entrances, improving turnaround time for the foragers. This helps with ventilation, as well. Strong colonies during the flow are critical to honey production.

Flower Report

Henbit is almost gone now. Dandelion, wisteria, wild cherry, bertha holly, blueberries, silver berries (Autumn Olive) crimson clover, vetch, ladino clover, black gum, and a few apples are blooming.

What To Plant

Small shrubs, viteck, and fruit trees will require more attention during the summer. Buckwheat, herbs (mints, lemon balm), summer annuals. Trees include the bebe tree and small leaf linden.