Cabarrus County Beekeepers

Bob's Flower and Hive Report

January 2014 Meeting

Hive Report

Allow bees remain in the winter cluster to prevent freezing. There is not much to do for the bees right now, except to leave them alone and to avoid disturbing the cluster. If food is needed, the recommended food is fondant. Fondant can be placed above the cluster without disturbing the bees. The cold weather will not likely kill bees, but starvation or excess amounts of moisture in the hive will.

The queen should be increasing her egg-laying as the days are getting longer.

Flower Report

Red Maples are showing signs of blooming, though some are showing no sign at all. Cold weather will not hurt the Red Maples’ blooms. Winter Holly is also ready to bloom. At the monthly meeting, a club member brought a branch from an apple tree to pass around. The branch had buds nearly ready to open, even though it is not time for apples trees to bloom.

  • Red Maple
    Acer rubrum