Cabarrus County Beekeepers

Bob's Flower and Hive Report

March 2014 Meeting

Hive Report

Be on the lookout for swarms. When working a hive, look for and remove all queen cells, or place the queen in a nuc box with a couple frames of eggs and bees. Relocate the nuc and queen, and let the original colony raise a new queen. Alternatively, the queen cell can be placed into a nuc box with bees. A swarm queen cell makes a good queen.

When adding supers to your hive, add the frames with drawn comb first, then add any new foundation supers on top. If using drawn comb, use at least three supers. New foundation should be placed on one super at a time.

If cutting queen cells, stay on a cycle of no more than ten days apart. In the peak of the flow, foraging is the hive’s main concern, so queen production and swarming should stop temporarily.

Flower Report

Henbit, dandelion, edible pears, quince, plums, red bud (when red bud blooms, bees swarm), winter honeysuckle, star magnolia, titi. Things to plant are titi, white clover, linden, hollies, vitex