Cabarrus County Beekeepers

Bob's Flower and Hive Report

May 2014 Meeting

Hive Report

Hives are currently fully engaged in honey production. Keep a check on supers, and stay ahead of the bees. If you would like to increase your hive numbers, now is the time to make splits. With the end of the flow drawing near, check the mite load in the hive.

In warmer weather bees need water, so keep some available at all times. A little mineral salt will make your water source more attractive to the bees. Beekeepers should also be careful to keep themselves hydrated while working their bees in warm temperatures.

Flower Report

Most of the tulip popular is finishing up. A few blooms are still left. Privet—little leaf (Chinese type), large leaf (Japanese type), with the large leaf blooming later, ladino clover, false dandelion, milk weed. Rule of thumb - when persimmon blooms, the honey flow is coming to an end.

What To Plant

Buckwheat, pumpkins, okra, field peas, lima beans