Cabarrus County Beekeepers

Bob's Flower and Hive Report

October 2014 Meeting

Hive Report

Changes are on the way. When inspecting a hive, if a frame is removed, be sure to put it back in the same place it was taken from. The dry weather affects the amount of nectar coming into the hive. Use a good quality pollen patty, as this will benefit the bees much more than an inexpensive one. If the hive becomes queenless, combine it with another hive. A good quality queen is almost impossible to find now. Combine hives now, and split them in the spring. Use entrance reducers to avoid unwanted pests in the hive. Provide ventilation to help control moisture inside the hive. It is also a good idea to turn the inner cover notch toward the front of hive to keep drafts from crossing the cluster.

Flower Report


What To Plant

Crimson Clover. If looking to plant trees, consider Poplars (slow growing), Basswood (Linden) (fast growing).