April 24, 2015 Beekeepers Meeting

123 Persons in attendance


Called to Order by: President Giles Berrier


Invocation was given by: Aaron Ferguson


Speaker was:    Bryan Fisher

His Presentation was On:    “Queen Castles and Swarm Management Techniques”

Different Queens:

      Swarming – Natural means of reproduction

      Supersedure – Replacement of a failing queen

      Emergency – Older larva used because of desperation

      Grafted – Commercially bought from a breeder.  Some commercial queens are poor quality and have     

                       bad genetics.

You can raise your own high quality queens with a queen castle.  A queen castle consists of a hive body divided into three sections with three separate entrances.  The three separate bodies are three separate colonies.  Each section has a different color and each entrance has a different shape.  Ventilate by drilling 1/8 hole in the bottom of each section. You can use 16 ounce drink bottles as feeders. 


Stop swarming by using the young queen from your queen castle.  Swarming is bad for us, not necessarily for the bees.  Bees can swarm no matter what you do.  You can create an artificial swarm by removing a frame with a capped queen cell along with open brood and insert this frame into your queen castle. But only use capped queen cells. 

Secretary & Treasury Report

Our bee field day was postponed until May 2nd due to rain and cold weather.  A motion was made by Bryan Fisher to waive the requirement of the beginner beekeeper be present at the bee field day to be eligible for the Sponsorship Program due to the postponement.  The motion was second by Stan Frick.  It was voted on and passed. 


The mentors for the Beginner Beekeeper Sponsorship Program are: Bryan Fisher, Chris Detsch, and Mike Wallace.


Ron and Molly Kinney were presented with their Master Beekeeper Certificate by Doug Vinson, Mountain Regional Director.


We added 10 new members this year so far.    


Bob’s Hive Report

Hives are looking good and ready to work.  Need to check hives for queen cells every 7 to 10 days to prevent swarming.  Check supers and add additional supers as needed.  Bees are turning it on. Sunshine makes the flow.  Ground moisture is in place with the previous rain.


If your hive has a laying worker, combine with another hive using the newspaper method.

Bob’s Flower Report


Flowers:  Tulip Poplar, Crimson Clover, White Clover, Blackberries


What to Plant:  Trees and White Clover                                 


Door Prizes



2-bags of Honey Candy, Fresh Eggs, Hummingbird & Butterfly Feed, numerous Vegetable Plants, Berry Cobbler


Please let me know of any Beekeepers who are sick or in the hospital.