August 28, 2015 Beekeepers Meeting

94 Persons in attendance


Called to Order by: President Giles Berrier


Invocation was given by: Aaron Ferguson

Speaker was:  Linda Whitley with United Cabarrus Insurance 

 “Honey Tasting and Judging”


Our general liability coverage is 1 million per incident with 2 million per a year.  Medical is included, also.   This policy covers us as a group at group events only.  Please notify the Executive Committee by phone or email in advance if you are speaking at a school or any event for appointment by the Association so you will be covered under our general liability policy.  We need to document the event for our general liability coverage to be available.  The Secretary will maintain the documentation.    

Secretary & Treasury Report

We had one new member thru the mail.


Members wanting to sell honey at the Cabarrus County fair coming up September 11-19th can drop off honey at several locations: Bob Blackwelder, Dandelion Bee Supply with Bob Safrit, or bring it to the fair.  Honey must be logged in.  Pints will sell for $10.00 and quarts for $18.00.  Price for Bears will be:  2 oz.  $2.00, 12 oz. $7.00, 16 oz. $8.00.   Label honey or items that are not a standard size or jar/container with a price.  The Cabarrus County Beekeepers Association receives 10% of the honey sales.   A motion was made by Chad Cordell to change the Association’s percentage to 15%. The motion was second by Jerry Sumerel.   It was voted on and passed (31 in favor and 19 opposed). 


Bob’s Hive Report

Very little for the bees to do, they are on stand-by.  Treat bees now, or you will be buying bees.  For Nosema treatment, use 1/8 teaspoon of Fumagilin-B in 12 ounces of 1:1 syrup.  Drench bees twice 7-10 days apart.  A grant by Farm Bureau has made it possible for Cabarrus County Beekeepers to purchase a supply of Fumagilin-B.  The supply is available at three different locations across the county: Randy Hord (West) 704/200-8010, Gene Furr (Central) 704/796-0746, Giles Berrier (East) 704/786-1426.   A few hive beetles but not many.  Oxalic Acid can be dangerous so be sure to use all safety precautions

Bob’s Flower Report

Bitterweed in horse pastures, Crepe Myrtles, Golden Rod (short one), Vetch, Joe-Pye Weed, Sumac, Japanese knotweed,   Kudzu,  Smartweed.


What to plant:  Crimson Clover, White Clover, and Greens (Turnips & Rape)


Door Prizes



Leather hive tool holster, Jaw Breakers Candy

Green Peas, Surprise Bag,

First Lessons in Beekeeping Book, Holy Cow Cake


Linda Olsen

Please let me know of any Beekeepers who are sick or in the hospital.