Cabarrus County Beekeepers

Bob's Flower and Hive Report

January 2015 Meeting

Hive Report

The amount of daylight time has increasing by a few minutes which has started stimulation of the hive. On warmer days the bees are taking foraging flights. Bees are moving honey to the cluster.

Recent bee losses are a result of nosema. If temperature is 60 or higher, now is a good time to use the drench method of treatment for nosema. It won’t hurt the bees.

Can feed fondant and pollen patties on top of cluster for insurance. Pollen patties will stimulate the queen to start laying eggs. When using pollen patties be sure to use a good quality patty.

Continue to check hive for moisture. Proper ventilation is very important. Carbon dioxide will kill bees. Their antennas can detect carbon dioxide. If level is too high, they will fan to aid ventilation.

Don’t reverse brood boxes yet.

Flower Report

Few Dandelions, Hen Bent, Mahonia (winter grape), Red Maple

  • Red Maple
    Acer rubrum