March 27, 2015 Beekeepers Meeting

125 Persons in attendance


Called to Order by: President Giles Berrier


Invocation was given by: Aaron Ferguson


Speaker was:    David Goforth

His Presentation was On:   Experiences Over the Years as an Extension Agent “Farewell Tour”

David was very entertaining with all of his stories from the many homes he visited over the years.  He recommended having your soil tested and using compost to improve upon it.  Remove dangerous trees from your landscape.  If you need a ladder, you probably need a professional.  Landscape should be for both humans and wildlife.  Plant the right plant for the right place.  Try to get away from municipal water for irrigation if possible.  However, plants will need water to get established.  We are due a drought in 2015 or 2016.


Best fruit trees are: blueberry, fig, apple, and pear.  Peach trees are a little tougher to grow.


Plant a plant for a better world!

Secretary & Treasury Report


Local Membership:  Single - $8.00; Family $10.00.   State Membership $15.00. 


Bob’s Hive Report

Hives are looking better.  A few swarms have been reported.  Reverse boxes again if needed.  You can checkerboard by placing empty outside frames to the center for more brood, except if it’s real cold.  You may have chilled brood.  But don’t worry – not life or death.


Super your bees.  Place 3 or 4 supers of drawn comb and just one super at a time if you only have foundation.  Needs to be 60 degrees or more to add supers.  Take your feeders off when you add supers.  Very important to keep feeders on new package bees.


You can bank a queen for 2 months if needed.  It’s best to keep the wood side down for the queen to walk on. Second week in May you can start Doolittle splits. 


There has been an emphasis on feeding pollinators, including Monarch butterflies, by the Obama administration and the N.C. Agriculture Commissioner, Steve Troxler.   


“Garden Plants for Honey Bees” by Peter Lindtner is a good book for beekeepers.  The plant rating guide is a useful tool.  The Cabarrus County Soil & Water Conservation could benefit from having a copy.  A motion was made by Stan Frick to buy two copies of this book; one for our library and one for the Cabarrus County Soil & Water Conservation.  The motion was second by Mike Wallace.  It was voted on and passed. 


Bob’s Flower Report


Flowers:  Henbit, Dandelion, Rosemary, Slippery Elm, Winter Honeysuckle, Vetch, Red Bud, Plums, Peaches, Pears, Quench Flower, Greens:  Rapes, Radishes, Mustard


What to Plant:  trees - Apple, Peach, Linden (Shiloh Nursery may have in stock.)  White Clover in a week or so.                                 


Door Prizes



2-Bluebird Boxes, Measuring Spoons, Galvanized Bucket, Lemon Pansy Cake

Hunter Blackwelder  $69.00

Please let me know of any Beekeepers who are sick or in the hospital.