May 22, 2015 Beekeepers Meeting

85 Persons in attendance


Called to Order by: President Giles Berrier


Invocation was given by: Pres. Giles Berrier


Speaker was:    Bob Blackwelder

His Presentation was On:    “Wax Melters”

 Solar wax melter is a better choice than an electrical melter, which can get too hot.  Some can actually catch on fire like many wax plants have in the past.  You can buy one or make your own.  Bob’s first wax melter plan was bought from Sandy who owned Brushy Mountain Bee Supply, so it was named SandySandy had some flaws.  The next one was named Black Beauty.  The glass was from a large used glass table.  Third one was perfection - Black Hottie.  Bob will share his plan on how to make Black Hottie. 


Wax melts at 143 degrees.  You need 13 hours of daylight to have enough heat.  This time of the year is perfect. Important to load it in the morning and unload the next morning.  You need to allow 24 hours for the honey to drip out.  You can store your cappings in a barrel with water for a year.  Honey will sink to the bottom and the cappings will float since beeswax = 0.95 specific gravity.  Older comb will be less wax. Outside part of the wax melter needs to be painted black.  And be tight since the bees will try to get inside.  Make sure the catch pan is big enough to hold wax.  It takes 8 pounds of honey for the bees to produce 1 pound of wax. 

Secretary & Treasury Report

We had 90 in attendance for our Bee Field Day.  Bob Blackwelder made a motion to donate $200.00 to St. Martin Lutheran Church for use of their facility.  The motion was second by Dennis Leak.  It was voted on and passed. 


The Summer State Conference in Lake Junaluska is July 9, 10, & 11th.  Very good speakers are lined up.

President Giles Berrier received a letter from NC Beekeepers Association stating each county association is not covered under the State’s liability policy.  Each association is responsible for their own policy if deemed necessary. 


We added 7 new members last month.    

Bob’s Hive Report

Bees are working the flow.  It’s slowed down a little.  If you run out  of drawn comb for your super, it’s better to extract honey and put back on the hive.  Late in the afternoon near evening is the best time to do so.  Flow doesn’t usually end until July 1st.  Check for brood, some hives are queenless.  If queenless, re-queen or combine hives depending on numbers.  Or you can put in a frame with eggs to see if they will make their own queen. 


Bob’s Flower Report


Finished:  Tulip Poplar & Crimson Clover


Plants: Chinese Privet, Persimmon, Vetch, Ragged Robin, False Dandelion, White Clover, Elderberries, Yellow Sweet Clover, Crepe Myrtle.  Japanese Privet is several weeks away.


What to Plant: Buckwheat & Lima Beans


A week after Father’s Day go to Organ Lutheran Church in Rowan County to see the bees working the European Lindon  or it’s called the Basswood tree.                               


Door Prizes



8-Mexican Torch Plants (Red), Numerous Homemade Soaps, 4-Dozen of Fresh Eggs, 3-Bags of Candy, Strawberry Pie


Andy Brown

Please let me know of any Beekeepers who are sick or in the hospital.