September 25, 2015 Beekeepers Meeting

85 Persons in attendance


Called to Order by: President Giles Berrier


Invocation was given by: Giles Berrier

Speaker was:    Garry Whitley

His Presentation was On:    “Wintering Bees”


Treatments should be completed by now.  Beekeeping is seasonal.  You need to do the right things at the right time.   A  weak hive needs to be combined with a stronger hive.  Remove the old queen and place newspaper with cut slits on top of a strong hive body.   Then place the weaker hive on top of the newspaper.  The bees will combine.  Use entrance reducer to keep mice out.  Feeding your bees is especially important this year.  Keep a good food supply on them so they can stay warm.  Supplements like Honey-B-Healthy can be helpful.  You can use a top feeder but take it off before it gets real cold.  Replace top feeders with fondant and pollen patties surrounded by a shim.  By the middle of November they will need food for sure. Ventilation is important, also.  Most beekeepers can expect a certain amount of loss over the winter.


It’s time to sew Crimson Clover.  Sew it 12 pounds per an acre - it’s better to sew thinner than thicker.   

Secretary & Treasury Report


We had 32 members helping with our booth at the fair. The total of honey and honey product sales was $4,298.00 from the 10 participating members.  Our association received $644.70 from these sales.  Fumagilin-B is still available. 


Dennis Leak made a motion to donate $100.00 to Gray Fisher for the hive that crashed in the observation hive at the fair.  John Napier second the motion.  It was voted on and passed.


The Concord Wildlife Alliance, the local chapter of the National Wildlife Federation, will host a free showing of the Vanishing of the Bees movie at Davis Theater in downtown Concord on Thursday, November 5th at 6:30 p.m.  This documentary discusses the worldwide disappearance of the honey bee and its impact on our agricultural landscape. Anyone interested in this topic is encouraged to attend; no reservations are required.


Bob’s Hive Report


Queens are laying good to build up the hives.  Don’t move frames around because they have the brood nest, pollen and nectar stored where they want it.  If you have a honey super on, scratch the cappings so they will move it down.  Foulbrood is still being found in hives.  Feed .75:1 syrup to mock nectar flow for now.  At the end of October feed 2:1 syrup. 


Bob’s Flower Report


Golden Rod, Aster, Cornflower, Vitex Tree, and Smartweed


What to Plant: Crimson Clover, Sweet Clover (Yellow and White), Greens, Rape, Turnips



Door Prizes




2-Bee Themed Sun Visors, 3-Pails of Syrup, Apple Pie




Please let me know of any Beekeepers who are sick or in the hospital.