February 24, 2017              Cabarrus County Beekeepers Association

News and Upcoming Events

* April 8th - day of training for volunteers at the NC Zoo *

* Field Day, April 22nd - St Martin Lutheran Church, 10 - 2:30 *

* NCSBA Conference, July 13 - 15th, Winston-Salem, 100th Anniversary *


Guest Speaker: David Little - "Getting Ready For Spring"

              David (President of Iredell County Beekeepers Association) asked several thoughtful questions to consider in preparing for the coming months. "What is your focus? Honey production? Bees?Colonies?Pollination?" "Do you have a feeding plan?" "What equipment do you have, or need to get, or needs repair?" He also gave helpful tips like "treat your bees before the honey flow," "feed all your bees in a yard, not just one hive," and "be sure there is enough comb available for the Q to lay eggs." David also gave pointers on locating and setting up out yards. For a complete listing of helpful hints, please see his PDF file on Spring Preparations at http://iredellcountybeekeeper.org/pdf-presentation-files .


Hive Report

            Excitement is up! It's that time of year - hives have been fed, treated and they are booming! Colonies need lots of resource. Even with a minor flow on now, you better feed because they can run out fast. The bees always will eat fondant and pollen patties before uncapping the honey to eat.

              Strong hives are building up; I've seen drones. They may swarm if not enough space. Be sure to give them comb, not foundation. The Q needs room to lay.

               Do not checker-board yet, it's still too early. They may chill with the cool nights yet to come. Nor do a walk-away split yet; you may not get a quality Q.

              Now is the time to reverse colonies. But only if all the broad is in the top box; if so, then can move the box down to the bottom.                        

Flower Report


Yellow bells / forsythia - no benefit to bees, no nectar, no pollen

Camellias - almost gone

Dandelions - blooming, bees will work but not their favorite

Red Maple - some have bloomed out and some are starting, bees love 'em

Henbit - Bees are bringing in now. Tastes good. A strong colony can fill a super.

Slippery Elm / Winter honeysuckle bush - bees like

Plum tree - not yet

Bradford Pear - bees do not like, but the edible-pear tree - yes bees like

Quince - found around older homes, yes bees like for nectar and pollen

Cherry tree, ornamental - yes, bees like but, the cherry-fruit tree, no

Apple tree - too early yet (except on Irish Potato Rd.)


Door Prizes: beetle traps, Q catcher, honey candy, coffee cup with Wayside coupon, beekeeper decals, seeds, carpenter hive kit, muscadine vine, and 2 plants

*** A big thank you to all those who bring in the door prizes ***


People in attendance: 82


March meeting - come early to eat or visit

Catered dinner for those who signed up


Hello Beekeepers,

The CCBA meeting will be at Bethel Wesleyan Church, 4036 Old Salisbury-Concord Road,Kannapolis at 7:00 pm.Our guest speaker for this month will be: Joe Smith on the topic of Swarming. If you signed up for the Buffet meal beginning at 6:30, please bring your $10.00 and a hearty appetite.

Please note the attachment to this email!


          BUFFET AT 6:30----------------------------BUFFET AT 6:30-------------------------------BUFFET AT 6:30