Cabarrus County Beekeepers


Keeping bees is a fascinating pastime, either as a hobby or for profit. There is a tremendous amount of recourse available to the new beekeeper. So, where do you begin?

  • Local Association
    Find your local association
    Most counties in the US have some type of beekeeping association. Their meetings are a great place to find advice and to learn about the timing for various hive management tasks (when to add honey supers, when to harvest, etc…) If you are in our area, consider stopping by one of our monthly meetings.
  • Bee School
    Attend a 'Bee School'
    Several of the local beekeeping associations offer a ‘Bee School’. Usually this is a series of classes, typically around 8 sessions. They are a great launching point, from which to begin your journey to becoming a successful beekeeper. CBA Bee School
  • Read
    Find a good book
    There are many books on beekeeping. There have been more books written about beekeeping than any other topic. These two books are good recourse for the new beekeeper.

    Beekeeping For Dummies
    Kim Flottum ISBN-10: 0470430656

    First Lessons in Beekeeping
    Keith Delaplane ISBN-10: 0915698129

  • Subscribe to a Periodical
    Magazines provide timely information
    There are currently two publications available in the US; both are very informative.

    American Bee Journal

    Bee Culture