Cabarrus County Beekeepers



Swarm season in Cabarrus county starts around the first of April, and runs through spring.  It is possible to have a fall swarm in our county, but it is very unlikely.

Contrary to common belief, swarms are fairly gentle.  They're really just looking for a new home.  Do the bees a favor, and call a local beekeeper.  They will be happy to come collect the bees.

What to do, if you think you have a swarm.

First, you need to make sure it really is a swarm.

Typically a swarm will be in a mass, hanging from a branch or a surface. 

It's also common to have many bees gather around a water source in the summer heat, like a swimming pool or your pet's water bowl.  This is not a swarm, just thirsty bees.

If you do in fact have a swarm, don't spray them with insecticide.  Instead, call your local beekeeper.  Several of our members would be happy to take them off your hands.

Here is a list of our members that collect swarms.  This is a free service.  We just want to help out the bees, and maybe make a little honey with them next year.  Swarm List